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In-House Clinics & Services (A-Z)

You can request to be seen at either surgery. However, some clinics and services are limited to one surgery. You will be advised by the receptionist when you book your appointment.

PLEASE NOTE: As we are open only part-time at our site at William Drive, you may in an emergency be requested to attend at Crowshott Avenue.

Antenatal Clinics

Clinics are held at both surgeries, by appointment only.  Please book your appointment with Reception.


Our practice nurses run their own asthma clinics. Please contact the surgery to make an appointment.

Blood Pressure Checks

Please contact the surgery to make an appointment with our health care assistant for a routine blood pressure check. If you wish to discuss anything further with regards to your blood pressure / medication, please notify the receptionist who will make the appointment accordingly.

Cervical Smears

Appointments for this service will be with one of our practice nurses. When booking your appointment, please note the test can be done at anytime in your cycle (unless you are bleeding).  If you no longer have periods, the smear can be done at any time.

Childhood Immunisations*

Please contact the surgery to make an appointment with the practice nurse for immunisations.

This immunisation programme is subject to change by the Department of Health. Please speak to your health visitor for more information.

Cryotherapy / Minor Surgery

We hold minor operation clinics for the removal of warts, verrucae etc. Please ensure you have seen a GP to confirm the treatment is required. There is a waiting list for this service. Please advise a receptionist who will put your name onto the waiting list and you will be contacted when appointments are available. This service is only available once a month at Crowshott Avenue, by appointment only.


Our practice nurses run their own diabetic clinics. Please contact the surgery to make an appointment.

Dressings & Removal Of Stitches & Clips

Please contact the surgery to see our Practice Nurse. If you require regular changes of your dressing, please let us know in order that we can accommodate you.

Ear Syringing

Our practice nurses are able to syringe your ears but please ensure you have seen a GP before making an appointment with the nurse.


Please make an appointment with our health care assistant.  ECGs are done at Crowshott Avenue.

Flu Clinics

Flu vaccination clinics normally begin in late September or early October. Clinic times will appear in the practice Notice Board and around the surgery.

IUD/Coil Fittings/Implants

By appointment only, after discussion with your doctor. Please contact the surgery to make your appointment with the doctor. You will need to allow 30 minutes for the appointment.

Medication Reviews

Our practice nurses carry out most of our medication reviews by appointment only. If you have been advised that a review is due/overdue (see the right hand side of your prescription for your review date), please contact us to arrange your appointment. All patients on regular medication need to be seen by a doctor or nurse at least once a year. You will then be advised who you need to see and when you need to be seen, and whether you will require any blood or urine tests before your appointment.

New Patient Checks

When registering with the practice it is important that we carry out a new patient check. This is done by the health care assistant or nurse. An appointment will be made for you when you come to the surgery to register. This check is needed to provide an outline of your current medical condition as it can take as long as four to six months before we receive formal records from your previous GP.

Pill Checks

Please book an appointment with one of our practice nurses when renewing your contraceptive medication. This should be done six-monthly (or as advised by your nurse).

Travel/Holiday Advice & Vaccinations

If travelling abroad, it may be necessary for you to have immunisations. Your travel agent should advise you if this is necessary. Please contact the surgery six to eight weeks before you travel. The receptionist will take down details of your travel itinerary and pass this information on to the practice nurse. You will be asked to call us back and we will then be able to advise you of what vaccinations you will require, and can book a suitable appointment.

Please note. There an administration charge per person for the certificates issued when vaccinations have been administered. For those travelling to areas that require a Yellow Fever vaccination,  you will need to source thisparticular vaccine elsewhere as we are not a registered Yellow Fever Vaccine Centre.


If you need to have a blood test done, please book an appointment via the receptionist. Clinics are held Wednesday - Friday mornings, and Thursday & Friday afternoons at either Crowshott Avenue or William Drive.  Please note, the early appointments of the day are reserved for those patients who require to fast for their blood test.


Those eligible for a mammogram will be routinely called on behalf of the practice.

District & Community Nurses

There is a team of district nurses based at Honeypot Lane Clinic who visit housebound patients in their own home, to carry out various nursing procedures.

Health Visitor

The health visitor is based at Caryl Thomas Clinic.


The dietician appointments are available at Crowshott Avenue and William Drive. They attend the surgery once a month. When the doctor refers you to the dietician, you will be asked to take the referral form to the reception desk and book your appointment there.

Antenatal Checks

You are recommended to make an appointment with your doctor in an antenatal clinic on finding a positive pregnancy test. They will then discuss with you a number of issues about your care during pregnancy. You will then be referred for appropriate antenatal care to a maternity unit of your choice.

The doctors run antenatal clinics. Please speak to one of our receptionists for appointments.

Your doctor is available to you for consultation during surgery hours should you have any concerns about your pregnancy or general health outside of your routine antenatal appointments. He/she will be responsible for the care of you and your baby when you return home from hospital.

You do NOT need to duplicate your visits to the surgery and hospital. Please see below for details:

First GP contact after positive pregnancy test:

24 weeks Antenatal clinic at surgery OR hospital
28 weeks Antenatal clinic at surgery OR hospital
32 weeks Antenatal clinic at surgery OR hospital (first time mums only)
34 weeks Antenatal clinic at surgery OR hospital
36 weeks Antenatal clinic at surgery OR hospital
38 weeks Antenatal clinic at surgery OR hospital
40 weeks Antenatal clinic at surgery OR hospital

Please note, there will be hospital attendances between these times for routine tests and scans etc. The hospital will advise of these dates.

Cervical Smears

Women between the ages of 25-64 will be called by the national screening programme to attend the surgery for a cervical smear. Please note, it takes around 4 weeks before the result is received at the surgery, and a further 1-2 weeks for necessary administration at the surgery.


In certain circumstances, you may feel that you do not wish to have regular cervical smears. Please discuss this with a GP or nurse. If the consensus is that you are not suitable for the screening programme, the Clinician will ask you to sign a disclaimer. This will remove you from the recall list for a period of five years, after which you will be asked to sign again. It is important you do discuss this with a doctor or nurse in order that you fully understand the implications of not having a cervical smear.

Non-NHS Work

Like all NHS GPs, the doctors in this practice sometimes undertake non-NHS work. There are fees applicable. These fees are set under guidance from the BMA (British Medical Association). We ask that payment is made in advance of the completed information.

Please allow a minimum of 5 working days before collecting your form (unless otherwise as specified by a member of staff). This is to allow staff to obtain your medical records and give the doctor time to peruse them in order that accurate information is completed. Doctors can only sign and complete a form if they believe the information to be true.

Please see reception for the latest fees for non-NHS work.

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